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Accepted formats: HEX, HEX alpha, RGB, RGBA, HSV, HSL, HSLA.
This is a free tool offered to you by SQR. Convert your color to multiple other formats.

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The benefits of SQR

QR codes are definitely not new, and they are here to stay. Now, enter dynamic QR codes that you can track as a brand manager making them even more valuable. At SQR we have two goals: Awesome product and Killer support.

QR templates
You get 13 built-in QR code templates to get you started right away. All the QR codes you need for your business.
We do not store any data of your created QR codes, except the ones that you save in your account willingly.
Highly customizable
Create the QR code you need, brand it with your own colors & logo, to fit with your branding.
Tracking pixels
Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, TikTok tracking pixels are available.
Create projects with custom label colors to easily manage and categorize your QR codes, Links, and Pixels.
Custom domains
Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones. When your customers scan your QR code they see a familiar URL.
Unlock Unlimited QR Codes

Why choose for SQR?

SQR is packed with useful benefits and features. Brands can customize their QR code to enhance brand recognizability. The URL Code Generator can also use Dynamic Short links, aka trackable shortened URLs with your own branding. Use your own custom domains and set your own back-half of your shortened URLs.
Dynamic Short links Trackable shortened URLs with your own branding. Use your own custom domains and set your own back-half of your shortened URLs.
Custom QR Branding Design and save your QR codes to fit your branding. You can even add your own custom logo and choose 3 different QR styles.
Custom domains Connect your own custom domain to SQR. When your customers scan your QR code they see a familiar URL with your branding.

Businesses that use QR codes to their advantage

Join thousands of businesses using QR codes to make their services more accessible to customers.

  • Royal Air Force
  • Airbnb
  • Adidas
  • Mcdonalds
  • Philips
  • Microsoft
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Coca cola
  • Red Bull
  • Apple
  • heineken
  • Gilette

We're strong believers in the power of word-of-mouth

15k+ Happy customers use SQR to up their QR & short link marketing game. Here's what they had to say.

With the boost in popularity with QR codes during the pandemic, this is a really great app! The interface is sleek and user-friendly, the dynamic QR codes are super helpful (print it on a banner or tent and change the link anytime without reprinting), and the flexible branding options are great. Literally, the only missing element was custom domains which Dave added a few days after my request!

I have now tried lots of QR-code software, but finally, I can stops switching and jumping around - I found the one QR-code creating platform that covers all my needs and it's crazy user friendly - SQR! Generate simple & advanced QR codes & Short URLs. Easy, customizable & trackable. Subscribe to SQR now

Checks All the Boxes (and then some!) I've been looking for a solution that would allow me to have multiple custom domains and dynamic codes for one of my largest clients, a real estate brokerage. SQR does all of that and more!

These are the coolest QR codes I've seen 👀. You can customize how the code looks, add your logo or text in the middle, and even get the QR to trigger an SMS.
This has really made me think about QR marketing opportunities since my purchase.

Great product. Great support. If you need an eternal QR Code to print, you can do it perfectly with this great solution. The QR code do not expire if you use Dynamic Short Link solution from them. Thank you Dave for your great customer support!

Appsulutely Great!! Been looking around for a long long time for a good QR generator and a platform to manage them. This platform does all this and more plus this deal is by far the best I have seen in terms of what it has to offer. Additionally, QRs can customize with pictures and links that have been assigned can be changed by using the dynamic option which is great for content that has been printed, there is no need to re print.

Unlock Unlimited QR Codes

Generate Dynamic QR codes

Save your custom dynamic QR code in your personal dashboard, in minutes! No reprints needed with a dynamic QR code change the destination of your QR code at any time in your personal dashboard.
Create QR codes Creating static QR codes on SQR is completely free, you can even save a few QR codes with a free account.
Custom QR Design Your brand’s logo and colors on your QR codes, give them a gradient, and choose from 3 different styles.
Track QR codes With dynamic QR codes you can track all the valuable data you need in your own personal dashboard.

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